The term "crossing Customs frontier of Mongolia" means
crossing past its national border to enter, transit through or leave its

DEAR TRAVELERS, Having no idea of such distinction, non-vigilant passengers often get lost and seriously confused among different border control officials and tend to treat them all as Customs inspectors. Please be aware that the Customs staff are often distinguished from other border control officials by their identification breast badges and shoulder patches containing the Customs logo with inscription "Mongolian Customs" on their uniforms.

If you have a doubt about any item in your luggage or if you need to get something straight, please contact a Customs Inspector at a front desk (or any Customs office) and listen to his/her advices. This will help you to avoid any unexpected risks.

The detailed information can be sought at: or


- Customs House of The Chinggis Khaan International Airport:

- Some specific information can be found in inflight magazines of MIAT (the Mongolian Civil Air Transport Company) or at the airport web - - page



Goods for personal use often carried by travelers while crossing Customs frontier of Mongolia such as musical instruments, video cameras, binoculars, portable computers and other travel goods and accessories should be declared in a Customs Passenger Declaration and legalized by a Customs Inspector.


  It is required to present a permission from the relevant government body and fill in a Customs Goods Declaration to carry in or out uncommon goods such as scientific and technical discoveries, topographic maps, other cartographic items, research findings, laboratory discoveries, geological discoveries, natural trophies, zoological and paleontological discoveries and all other types of sample goods or probes.

DEAR TRAVELERS, you ARE ALLOWED to bring in or carry out free of Customs duties and other taxes:

>         one piece from each kind of personal effects (personal belongings) or household goods when you were studying or working abroad or in Mongolia for more than 6 months and coming back (if a returning resident) or going out (if a non-resident);

>         Inheritance property with the type and quantity specified in the notarized or certified certificate of the administrative or territorial unit

>         No more than 1 pet of each species

>         not more than 2 liter of spirits (alcoholic beverage or vodka), 2 liters of wine, 3 liters of beer, 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars or 250 grams of tobacco (tobacco goods and alcoholic beverages are not allowed for travelers under age of 18 to carry in or out).


If you, while crossing Customs frontier of Mongolia, carry something to pass over to other person it would be treated as your own and you should declare it to Customs. Ignorance in this regard may put you at risk of being involved in smuggling of prohibited or restricted goods such as narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, weapons and ammunitions and toxic chemicals and cause substantial loss to yourself and others;

The owner for its own primary function should carry out movable historical and cultural properties (memorial objects or cultural heritage) through the national border of Mongolia upon presentation of permission from the central authority in charge of cultural matters and only for the purposes of scientific research, restoration, exhibition and usage.


> to pay Customs duties and other taxes when you, while crossing Customs frontier of Mongolia, bring in or carry out large amounts (large quantities) of goods or goods obviously commercial in nature;

  • to honestly declare (in a Customs Passenger Declaration) MNTs over 15 million in cash or foreign currencies, financial (negotiable) instruments or electronic currencies of such amount. This will help you to cross other national borders safely.
  • Firearms, ammunition and similar devices
  • Items to be transferred to other person, unaccompanied goods
  • Narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances
  • The goods-imposed Customs and other taxes.


In cases when you carry cash money while crossing the national borders of other countries you are kindly recommended to make it sure that they were declared in their respective Customs Passenger Declarations and, at the same time, the latter was duly authenticated by Customs officers. Ignorance in this respect leads to seizure of such cash money at other national borders. There were many such cases occurred.

If you have unaccompanied baggage or have sent containerized personal cargo or goods you ought to fill in a Customs Passenger Declaration in 2 copies and have them validated by Customs Inspector. One copy of them will be required for Customs clearance of your abovementioned goods.

When you are travelling abroad and have something to declare to Customs it is recommended to have them examined by Customs before packing.

Remember that the goods of a minor passenger must be included in the customs declaration of the passenger of the parent or guardian.

« Medicines and Injections for Personal Medical Treatment of Travelers

Drugs and medications for personal medical treatment of travelers crossing Customs frontier of Mongolia are allowed to be carried by them in or out upon presentation of prescriptions given by medical authorities and in quantities or dosages so permitted. Drugs and medication products, which are not registered with the Drug Registration of Mongolia, bear uncertain names and descriptions or are labeled and packaged not in conformity with prescribed standards, are not allowed crossing Customs frontier of Mongolia.

In addition, the following types of drugs are prohibited to cross the state border for personal use:

  •  Infusion fluid
  • Antibiotic injection
  • Drugs and psychotropic substances
  • Plasma substitutes for blood products
  • Drugs and treatments for general immunization


  1. Where a traveler carrying goods across the national border of Mongolia had evaded or attempted to evade Customs duties and other taxes as well as fees by way of committing offences such as misdeclaration, omission or false declaration of goods, false declaration of Customs value, quantity, description, type, mark, intended use or origin of goods, concealment of goods from Customs inspection, replacement or alteration of Customs documents, he or she should pay the duties and taxes according to Sub-Paragraph 1 of Paragraph 21 of Article 11 of the Law on Offences and also will be subjected to a fine of 50 per cent of total amount of duties and taxes so paid;
  2. Where a traveler had been smuggling across the national border of Mongolia the undeclared to Customs goods which are prohibited or restricted by the national laws and international treaties of Mongolia, including treasures or minerals he or she will be charged to a fine of MNTs equal to 450-5400 units or subjected to community service for a term from two hundred and forty to seven hundred and twenty hours, or limitation of free travel right for a term from one month to one year.










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