Security screening

Зорчигч та бүртгэлээ хийлгүүлж, паспорт болон оршин суугчийн тасалбараа шалгуулан аюулгүй байдлын үзлэгийн хэсгийн нэвтэрнэ. Зорчиг та аюулгүй байдлын үзэлэг хийлгэхээс татгалзсан тохиолдолд үзлэгийн дараах бүсэд нэвтрэхийг хориглоно. Та аюулгүй байдлын үзлэгт ороход бэлтгэхдээ дараах зүйслийг анхаарна уу.

Security screening

Metal detector

To prevent a reaction to metals in items such as mobile phones, keys, and other things you are wearing, please put them in a basket for examination prior to passing through X-ray examination.

X-ray Examination System

Take off your coat /Take off your shoes if security screener asks you/ and place it in a tray. Remove any computer and liquids from the bag and place them on the tray for x-ray examination
Private screening

Following passengers can ask for a private screening:

  • Passengers with special needs and with medical conditions together with the accompanying person
  • Passengers carrying large amounts of valuables and who have religious reasons;
  • Items such as special medical equipment, human organs, ashes, blood cells and similar materials, scientific samples that require special attention /required to have accompanying documents/;
  • If requested by the passenger.